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Educational DVD, Blu-Ray & Digital Streaming – Available Now!

We’ve partnered with several distributors to make The Invisible Patients available to schools, libraries, religious institutions, non-profits and health care service providers. Now you can purchase the film and use this award-winning documentary for classroom enrichment and educational screenings for years to come.

Packages include closed-captions, a discussion guide and a screening toolkit.

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Tugg Educational

Kanopy Streaming

Alexander Street


Host a screening

Hosting a screening of THE INVISIBLE PATIENTS is a powerful way to bring people together and spark conversation about how we take care of some of the most vulnerable people in our communities – the homebound and home-limited who struggle to get adequate healthcare, as well as the role of nurse practitioners in our healthcare system.

Whether you’re interested in organizing a screening for the public, members of your professional organization, students in your classroom, or for family and friends in your own living room, we’ll provide you with a Screening Took Kit to make it as simple and rewarding as possible.

The first step is to contact our Engagement & Outreach Director, Lauren Townsend:

email: lauren(at)

phone:  215-939-7621

She will help you decide how best to host a screening in your community.

Download these helpful tools:

Screening Tool Kit

Discussion Guide

Movie Poster (11×17)

Postcard Invitations

Screening Sign-up Sheet


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